A Chinese Ghost Story 2 (1990) - 倩女幽魂II 人間道
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This sequel to the ground-breaking Chinese Ghost Story is good fun, if not entirely necessary. After losing Sian (Joey Wong) in the first film, Ning (Leslie Cheung) bumps into dead ringer Windy (also Joey Wong), who’s trying to save her dad (Lau Siu-Ming) from evil government bastards.

Plot devices occur when Windy and her compatriots believe Ning to be a wise elder; Ning plays along to discover just why Windy looks exactly like his departed ghost love. Jacky Cheung appears as Autumn, a Taoist monk who aids Ning, and the amazingly beautiful Michelle Reis is Moon, Windy’s sister. Waise Lee manages to luck into a great role as the military general chasing Windy and company.

Overall this is an entertaining flick that provides the same type of action, comedy and romance that made the first film so popular. As such, it isn’t as good, mostly because it can’t mach the first film’s originality or ability to surprise. Still, it’s worth checking out for those who dig this sort of thing. Joey Wong isn’t a ghost in this film, so the title must be referring to the rotted corpses that attack them along the way.